Rounds Soft Maple 412214

This giant soft maple log was removed from a neighborhood in Pittsburgh a couple years ago. We hauled it home, milled it into giant "cookies", and then gave it PLENTY of time to dry in an effort to avoid the massive amount of surface cracks often found in round slabs. We are pretty happy with the results. The tree had two main stems coming right from the roots, so all of these pieces have two bull's-eyes of growth rings. In pieces 1a - 3 these two stems have physically seperated, and there is decay in the center of one of the halves. Therefore, we are selling only 1/2 of the slab, and the other 1/2 comes for free! Fill the decay with a lot of epoxy and you'll have a massive round(-ish) top for 1/2 price.
Pieces 4 - 8 still have a little decay in the one side, but overall these are solid and could be used as complete slabs. However, they should still be handled with care until stabilized.
One of the guys here thought it would be neat to seperate all of these rounds at their natural seam and put that flat side up against a wall. You could fill a coffee shop with really cool mini tables!
Piece 5 has a chainsaw kerf around the circumfrenence of the natural edge. Ask for extra photos.
Piece 7 and 6 have notches in one part of the natural edge where the tree service crew had to cinch the crane's strap while felling.

All pieces are milled 3.5" thick.

These slabs are for individual sale and pieces 1a - 3 are $150 per piece, and pieces 4 - 8 are $300 per piece

PS: Check out set 412215 - It's the base of this massive tree including the awesome root flares. Real show-stoppers!

Soft Maple
Cutting Style


Piece # Length Width Thickness BDFT
1a   32.00"   31.00"   3.00"   20.70  
6   44.00"   52.00"   3.00"   47.70  
7   42.00"   53.00"   3.00"   46.40  
8   44.00"   54.00"   3.00"   49.50  
1   36.00"   30.00"   3.00"   22.50  
2   34.00"   30.00"   3.00"   21.30  
3   32.00"   28.00"   3.00"   18.70  
4   39.00"   57.00"   3.00"   46.30  
5   44.00"   52.00"   3.00"   47.70